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Armed with hollowbody guitars, a Vox AC-30, two vocal mics, a tambourine, & a kick drum, Eric Lauer is an Alternative Rock, Southern/Blues, Singer/Songwriting, One-Man-Band from Houston, Texas. Providing a crunchy 6 string tone, a haunting voice that delivers a smooth baritone croon, and an infectious groove, Eric's live sound is as loud, full, and resonant as a 3 piece rock band, the difference, its done 100% on his own with nothing but his hands and feet filling in as band members. The stage plot is unique, the songs traditional yet tastefully written, and the vibe like something out of a dark lounge, or whisky bar dating back to a time when raw musical instruments reigned over digital effects and sampled electronics. There's an unmistakable "vibe" that draws the live listener into his shows. Intimate, exposed, dark, brooding, yet approachable. His lyrics are thoughtfully phrased with an honest, wordsmith like, approach...poetically constructed yet direct, "too the point", and as concise as a short Charles Bukowksi excerpt. His songs ooze attitude while edging on personal themes & topics, fueled by genuine experiences that only an aged music vet can pull off. 
Eric's musical journey began at age 11 when he first laid hands on a cheap 100$ guitar. Having grown up a Gen-X'r influenced by everything from the grunge bands of the 90's, to the classic country and rock musicians of the 60's/70's. There's no doubt these styles are fused and on display in a very familiar, yet refreshing, bluesy atmosphere.  
Eric's true bio is in his live show. Having played everything from dive bars, lounges, private party's, & micro brewery's, he's also performed in concert halls and bigger venues. He's shared the stage with national acts such as Lincoln Durham, The Steel Woods, Blacktop Mojo, The Temperance MovementPegi Young , Crobot, Molly Hatchet & LA Guns. No venue is too big, and no bar too small for this eclectic one man jam. 
So kick back with a strong drink and a pair of headphones. Give a listen to this stellar 9 song (debut) album. Or better yet, catch a live performance and witness the experience for yourself. You wont be disappointed. 

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Next Gig: August 24th in Palestine, TX.

Lineup: Blacktop Mojo & Lullwater. 

Location: The Shelton Gin (Palestine, TX.)

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